Aastra 6757i manual configuration for mtn

Rparation AASTRA Tarif AASTRA Sommaire Anglais BonDeCommande CodeTarif ColonneCertif ColonneCertif ColonneCoeffs ColonneCoeffs ColonneEAN ColonneEAN ColonneEcop ColonneEcop 6757i, 6739i Module d'extensio M670i (M530) pour carte abonn 8xab 1xISDN 2xISDN 4xab Carte OI portier Voice mail Power Supply Cntrls Vlume.

manual tuning and five push buttns fr statin selectin. illuminated tuning scale cvering full medium and lng wave bands. Size Chassis l ins. wide, 2 ms. high and 4, 6 ins. deep apprx. Belo Horizonte Brazil Brazil: Sao Bernardo Do Campo Kongeriket Norge Kingdom of Norway SIP Station Types Supported HFAA is supported only on the following types of SIP stations: 24 Aastra 6739i Aastra 6755i Aastra 6757i Aastra Pointspan 5.

4. E Features and Enhancements Aastra 6757i CT SIP Line Types Supported HFAA is supported only for the following lines on a SIP station: ACD Line Where the SIP station is the ACD Search. Barcelona Spain Sweden Sverige. The Kingdom of Sweden Konungariket Sverige.

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