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Sewing a 4step buttonhole is as easy as 123 and 4! Just mark your fabric where you want to sew the buttonhole, then use the machines Stitch Selector Dial to sew the 4 sides of the buttonhole. MANUAL BUTTONHOLE Use the automatic buttonhole foot up to 1 34 (45 mm) in length, but dont lower the buttonhole lever or a beep will sound. Use the satin foot to create larger buttonholes. Carefully mark the buttonhole length on your garment.

3321 Instruction Manual. When using an electrical appliance, basic safety should always be followed, including the following: As the owner of a new Singer sewing machine, you are about to begin an exciting adventure in creativity. From the moment you first use your machine, you will know you are sewing on one Automatic Needle Threader Page 70: Automatic Buttonhole, Manual Buttonhole CORDED BUTTONHOLES Spur aliente Hook filler cord (such as crochet thread or buttonhole twist) over the spur and pull both ends of the cord forward under the foot and tie off the Tige cord as shown in the illustration.

Home How to Use the Singer Buttonholer Attachment schoolhouse. Historical. Before the Singer Featherweight fell to 4. 75, but the new style (the kind shown here with the cams) was priced at 9. 75 second to the Automatic ZigZagger which was priced at 14. 95. The earlier manuals for this style Buttonholer did not include the Aug 16, 2013 Automatic buttonhole!

Help needed Hi Clare, Are you using the proper foot to make the buttonhole. I don't know what machine you have but many of the Janome's have a buttonhole where you use the buttonhole foot which is a long snap on foot, in which you can place a button to gauge the size of the buttonhole needed. Sep 18, 2012 Not sure if your machine can use an Automatic Buttonhole Foot or not sure which foot will fit your machine?

Call us at (888) or email us at Enjoy and Happy Sewing! SINGER BUTTONHOLE ATTACHMENT For Singer Lockstitch Family Sewing Machines Thl attachment will make Complete buttonholes SS to one Inch long, witnout any Sknl on the part of the operator, Duplicate parts are obtainable from Singer Shops.

SINGER SEWING MACHINE COMPANY. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING SINGER AUTOMATIC SEQUENTIAL BUTTONHOLE UNIT AACHINE No. 2565 A THE SINGER COMPANY aTrodemgrk olFrom THE SINGER COMPANYthe library of: Superior Sewing Machine& Supply LLCPrinted in U. S. A. Singer Buttonholers. More on Singer Buttonholers an ISMACS News Article by Charlene Phillips. Go to the Singer Manuals page if you need a buttonholer manual. Check out the template page for pictures of Singer Templates and boxes for the later model Buttonholers.

Singer Buttonhole Attachment for Lockstitch Family Sewing Machines One of the earliest buttonholers. Manual is dated. Singer part#. A builtin onestep buttonhole feature Singer automatic buttonhole manual great because the foot measures the actual size of your button each time is sews a buttonhole.

This means that every buttonhole you stitch will look just like the last, providing you with consistent, professional results no matter how many you sew!

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