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Also, when you delete applications, they can leave behind support files that never get cleaned up. With Hazels App Sweep, Hazel will detect when you throw an application away, search for its support files and offer to throw those away as well. Total Support. Spotlight integration. Photos& iTunes importing. About Noodlesoft; Store; As we head into the home stretch here during How I.

Week, Im going to give a brief overview of how I use Hazel, a fantastic rulesbased organizational tool that comes from the fine folks at Noodlesoft. They just updated Hazel to its third version last week, and it was a jampacked upgrade to say the least.

Noodlesoft, the creators of Hazel, describe it as Automated Organization for Your Mac, and that is a great tagline. Heres what they have to say about it: At Asian Efficiency, we live by something called the 3 Times Rule. If something bothers you 3 times, find and implement a permanent solution for it.

Oct 30, 2013 Noodlesoft Hazel is a Mac only utility that automatically organizes everything, it is a bit brilliant! Very difficult to explain, actually sort of difficult Store copies of user manuals (see# 8). 8 Download PDF copies of the user manuals for products you ownappliances and homeentertainment equipment especiallyfrom the vendors Websites, and then save them all to Dropbox.

9 As Store copies of user manuals (see# 8). 8 Download PDF copies of the user manuals for products you ownappliances and homeentertainment equipment ( ). For example: Save iPhone photos to a Dropbox folder that Hazel monitors. When it sees that a new photo has been added to the Hazel, the standout file organizer, gets even smarter More like this. How to organize files and folders with Hazel. Hazel 2. 3. Mac Gems of the Year: 2010 Noodlesoft Hazel 3.

0 The Mac OS may Hazel by Noodlesoft has attracted many users over the years. Those who use it, like Mac OS X Screencasts, swear by it. Even so, many Mac users want a helping hand that teaches them Hazel, so that they can make better use of its abilities.

Hazel 3. 0 is an excellent upgrade and it is available as a single license for 25 or a family license for 45 directly from Noodlesofts website, and it is also available as a 10 upgrade fee for previously licensed users. If you just cant get enough of Hazel, take a look at the Noodlesoft forums, where Hazel users have posted their own rules recipes and even even included download links to some for import. Remember to be careful with any new rule, as Hazel is a very powerful tool, but like with any great tool, if you know what youre doing, Hazel can Mar 21, 2012 I just bought this promising software.

All I wanted was to separate the Movies and jpeg files from my Canon camera into a separate folder. Hazel 3 is great, The Hazel User Guide is available in multiple forms: Online. View the manual in your browser. PDF. Download and read at your own leisure.

And you can always view the manual within Hazel itself. Access it via the Help menu or the various? buttons in the interface. About Noodlesoft; Store;

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