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The laptops IP address is. 229, so in this example, change the IP address of the IPLink to. 3. Page 58 4 Configuring the IPLink Router Models 2603, 2621, & 2635 High Speed Routers User Guide 7. If you change the IP address of the device, you must also change the range of IP addresses in the pool used for DHCP on the LAN. The IP address pool can contain up to 253 IP addresses.

Kantech IP Link Enhanced Ethernet Device Tearout Quick Setup Sheet on last page! Installation Manual were current as of publication date and are subjec t to change without notice. Kantech and the Kantech IP Link Installation Manual Overview IPWRTRLN2T2R. AP Router User manual Ver: 1.

0 enter that IP address into a web browser on a computer on the same subnet to view the Access Points system status or change its configuration Networks without a DHCP Server. If your network does not have a DHCP server, the Access Point uses a factory assigned IP address (. 254). Launch Image Gallery: IP Link Kantech IP Link makes it easy and affordable to manage your Kantech access control system over a network. IP Link manages polling of door controllers and communicates with the EntraPass software only when an event has occurred for lower bandwidth usage.

IP Audio Codecs The Intraplex IP Link family of IP audio codecs provides highend features at an affordable price. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice Overview Channels IP Link 100: 1 stereo (or 2 mono) program channels, encode and decode If you want go back to web interface, you need to log in to the router with the new IP A ddress.

2. After you change the LAN IP address please reboot the modem. ip link set change device attributes Warning: If multiple parameter changes are requested, ip aborts immediately after any of the changes have failed. This is the only case when ip can move the system to an unpredictable state.

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