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Which digital camera is better for travel, Sony DSC RX100 IV, Fujifilm X100T, or Canon S120? Update Cancel. In contrast the Fuji X100T is difficult to fit in any pocket, meaning you have to hang it around you neck, or put in into a dedicated bag which is a hassle for casual photographers. Sony RX100 IV vs. Panasonic LX100? How good are Compare Sony Cybershot DSCRX100 IV (20. 1MP) vs. Fujifilm X100T (16. 3MP) on sensor size (15. 86mm vs. 28. 29mm diagonal), pixel pitch, pixel density and other specs.

In the camera ranking, Sony Cybershot DSCRX100 IV performs better than Fujifilm X100T. Find out why! Digital Still Camera DSCRX100M4 How to Use Before Use Names of parts Checking the camera and the supplied items [1 Identifying parts [2 Icons and indicators Sep 14, 2015  We are both used to manual controls with the XT1, aperture rings, EVF, etc.

That made the original RX100 I tried drive me nuts. Even with the EVF and new lens of the IV (vs. original), it's still (for me) and ergonomic and manual control nightmare. Panasonic LX100, Fuji X100T, or Sony RX100 IV? In reply to kwaphoto Sep 14, 2015 1 Looking for a Sony RX100 III vs Fujifilm X100T comparison? The RX100 III is less expensive. Compare RX100 III vs RX100 IV; Manual focus.

Both provide Sep 02, 2018 Fuji X100T or Sony rX100 IV Started Jul 21, 2015 Discussions thread Forum: Parent: PLEASE HELP ME! ! ! ! Fuji X100T or Sony rX100 IV Jul 21, 2015 i am debating whether I should buy the Fuji X100T or the new Sony RX100 IV. I'd use it for street photography. I'm really into monochrome right now. Thank you, guys. Read our detailed comparison of the Fujifilm X100T vs Sony Cybershot DSCRX100 IV to find out their strengths and weaknesses, and decide which one to choose.

Looking for a Fujifilm X100T vs Sony RX100 IV comparison? The X100T has a larger sensor and bigger pixels. Find out where the RX100 IV wins! Manual focus. Both provide AF is for the weak. Real Explore imaging freedom with the RX100 IV from Sony. Once only for the pro, the super slow motion is now possible without distortion in a small camera. Inside the compact RX100 IV is the world's first memoryattached 1.

0type stacked CMOS sensor a remarkable advance in image shooting Wrist Strap, Strap adapter, Instruction Manual Sony RX100 IV vs Fujifilm X100T vs Panasonic LX100 Specs Comparison June 14, 2015 Leave a Comment Written by admin Here is the full specs comparison of Sony RX100 IV, Fujifilm X100T, Panasonic LX100. Sony RX100 Mk IV rear screen showing the programmable items I chose to put there.

so the Sony has much more range in daylight. (Of course the X100T syncs at 12, 000, but that's a very different camera. ) Sony's RX100 Mk IV User Manual. Help me help you top.

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